Deep Reality

Why Source Science May Be the Key to Understanding Human Potential

William A. Tiller

Dr William Tiller passed away on Feb 7, 2022 and the entire world will miss his contributions to this field.

William A. Tiller, PhD, born September 18, 1929, in Toronto, Canada, received his doctorate in physical metallurgy at the University of Toronto in 1955. He then worked as a research scientist and advisory physicist at Westinghouse Research Laboratories. In 1964, Dr. Tiller accepted a professorship at Stanford University in the Department of Material Science, becoming chairman of that department in 1966.

At Stanford, Dr. Tiller began personal investigations of human consciousness and the potential for inner enlightenment through meditation. While on sabbatical a few years later, Dr. Tiller realized that future science needed a competent US investigator to seriously commit long-term to both experimental and theoretical investigations of psychoenergetic phenomena, an area then anathema to the conventions of science. Dr. Tiller’s subsequent scientific experiments led him to the conclusion that human consciousness and intention can significantly influence physical reality. He also came across fragmentary experimental data from psychoenergetic studies conducted at various locations around the world over the past two centuries, which combined to further substantiate his theory.

Unwilling to entrust his accumulating data to another researcher, Dr. Tiller returned to Stanford but gave up the chairmanship of his department, as well as most of his committee work, in order to pursue formal research of psychoenergetics that would be complement his traditional research at Stanford. Although Jean—his wife and meditation partner for fifty years—solidly supported his work on psychoenergetics, most of his Stanford colleagues staunchly opposed it.

Dr. Tiller spent thirty-four years in academia: taught graduate-level classes in thermodynamics, kinetics, phase transformation, and semiconductor processing; supervised more than fifty doctoral theses; was either principle investigator or co-principle investigator on $10 million-budget DOD and NASA contracts; served on numerous professional and government committees; consulted with many industrial corporations; and published more than two hundred conventional scientific papers and three books. In 1992, Stanford University named Dr. Tiller professor emeritus of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

For more than fifty years, Dr. Tiller has pursued serious experimental and theoretical study of the field of psychoenergetics, publishing more than 150 scientific papers and four seminal books in this area. Dr. William A. Tiller is a fellow of the American Academy for the Advancement of Science and was a founding director of the Academy of Parapsychology and Medicine and the Institute of Noetic Science. In 2015, he founded the WAT Foundation for Human Intention Applications to show that intention affects the familiar world in ways that can solve today’s problems.

For more information on Dr. Tiller’s work or to participate in his research, please visit Dr. Tiller’s nonprofit research foundation: