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2022 IPI Christmas Lecture - Bit-Physics: How to bootstrap the universe using topological bits

Dec 10, 2022 by Doug Matzke
Full Abstract:
In my 2002 Ph.D. dissertation, I defined bit-physics as a mathematical model using topological bits (geometric algebra) to derive quantum computing (qubits and ebits). Later in my 2020 book Deep Reality, I expanded that approach to include the standard model, neural computing and beyond. Both of these efforts make testable predictions different than the models for quantum computing and standard model. This research gives keen insight into the hyperdimensional nature of the quantum-verse
The key to understanding bit-physics are these concepts:
1) “bits are physical” (Landauer’s principle) thus effecting the physical universe
2) “bits are protophysical” (Matzke’s principle), which means that the topological mathematics supporting hyperdimensional bits is fundamental to the substrate structure of the multiverse.
3) “bits are hyperdimensional” (Correlithms) random points in >20 dimensional space are maximal “Standard distance” apart, leading to information creating bullseye when similar.