Deep Reality

Why Source Science May Be the Key to Understanding Human Potential

Book Review of "Deep Reality" by David Lorimer

Sep 10, 2021 by Doug Matzke

Deep Reality: Why Source Science May Be the Key to Understanding Human Potential
Doug Matzke and William Tiller
Waterside Productions 2020, 386 pp., $18.95, p/b.
This ground-breaking book describes what the authors call Source Science going beyond classical systems and proposing that our quantum minds ‘exist independently of and interact with our individual brains’ as very special antennae or transceivers mapping hyperdimensional mind into three dimensions. This understanding recognises the spacelike entangled nature of thoughts, meaning and emotions dynamically connected through the law of attraction. The structure is conversational even if the content is at times highly technical, although there are helpful summaries at the end of each chapter. The premises are bold, recognising the significance of extended nonphysical human capacities and differentiating these from artificial intelligence, partly through an emphasis on the heart. There are extensive discussions on the nature of thoughts, bit physics, emotions, feelings, memory, subtle energy, intelligence, time, meaning, healing and transcendent states; there are also more than 50 pages of glossary definitions, which are especially helpful in explaining new terms such as correlithm; meaning correlational algorithm. Refreshingly, nothing in physics and metaphysics is off-limits, but the treatment of psychoenergetic phenomena is highly rigorous.

The basic propositions are set out with exemplary clarity, and criticism of the limitations of scientific materialism is systematic. The authors point out that if brain and mind are in fact distinct, then our models and research will need to be radically reinterpreted. The scope of their discussion and points of reference is extremely wide and well referenced and they highlight the role of intention in shaping the creative dynamics of life. The final part considers Source Science and the future in pursuing the future of technology in terms of quantum models involving Supermind and Superheart where science and spirituality come together in an expanded understanding of the human that recognises the reality of other cosmic beings. Encouragingly, visions of the future bring in a heart-based culture that overcomes our current negative patterns even if this seems pretty challenging in current circumstances. In this sense, our collective goal by 2030 could be formulated as creating a more compassionate planet rather than succumbing to dystopic fear-based systems of mechanistic control.