Deep Reality

Why Source Science May Be the Key to Understanding Human Potential

Motivation for Deep Reality

Oct 01, 2020 by Doug Matzke

These assumptions and models are flawed since any real intelligent (RI) model of mind goes much deeper because humans exhibit many real documented psychoenergetic behaviors that are not explainable using classical computing or even classical physics. Over the last 60 years, the myth of the classical computing basis of AI has resulted in the failure of AI to demonstrate general intelligence or meaning. Humans are the embodiments of smart information systems that routinely demonstrate “normal” meaning, learning, intelligence, abstractions, dreams and also instantaneous onset of savant amplification of these abilities. Normal and especially savant intelligence are not comprehendible by classical computing based AI, neurology or even classical physics.

Just like anyone can drive technologically sophisticated modern automobiles without understanding any of the deep technology beneath gasoline engines, power steering, antilock braking, electronic ignitions, electrical systems, cooling systems, and air-conditioning. All humans naturally appear to be intelligence without having to understand what deep quantum information technology underlies our human minds. This quantum reality is very deep.

Richard Feynman stated, “Nature isn’t classical dammit, it is quantum mechanical.” So we state that since the mysterious properties of quantum mechanics is good enough to support all of physics then it is also powerful enough to support our quantum minds. The purpose of this Deep Reality book is to introduce how the deep quantum reality that underlies our entire universe also supports how the quantum mind of RI has completely different assumptions, technology, and predictions than the classical AI approach. Find out more about the Deep Reality of the universe and how this helps us better understand our self.