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The Spacelike and Entanglement Legacy of Mike Manthey (See All ANPA Talks)

Aug 10, 2023 by Doug Matzke

Here are links for this talk, plus link to talk's pdf and all ANPA 44 talks.

This ANPA 44 talk is a retrospective legacy summary of some of the work that Mike Manthey and Doug Matzke worked on together since 1994. We choose Geometric Algebra (GALG) as the mathematical representation in order to integrate computer science and physics in a common representation. This GALG approach we took is to create a GALG tool that supported trinary valued bit with coefficients of +1/-1 and 0 (for void) as bit-vectors that are anticommutative using geometric product to produce imaginary numbers, bivectors, trivectors, quaternions, tauquernions and other multivectors. With this GALG tool, we showed how to bootstrap quantum computing qubits and ebits plus a proposal for how to bootstrap the standard model using nilpotent and idempotent multivectors. See my previous ANPA talks about the details.


This talk will focus on why this GALG approach is so fundamental, since GALG bit-vectors are intrinsically orthogonal and spacelike, which naturally constructs the entire system as naturally concurrent and massively parallel, sufficient to support the quantum bit-physics simulation infrastructure for the universe. This representation is naturally and heavily entangled and has its own built-in operating system (see separate Topsy Talk).
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