Deep Reality

Why Source Science May Be the Key to Understanding Human Potential

What’s the Deep Reality beneath Quantum Computing?

Jan 19, 2021 by Doug Matzke

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Talk Opening Slide
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Quantum computing and Quantum Physics contains important concepts about how the world is built. The fundamentals of the classical world is bits with its mutually exclusive 1/0 values. Quantum computing is based on qubits that are the superposition (or mixture) of two classical bits, and this property means that bits and probabilities are fundamental to physics. Typically these unique properties of superposition and entanglement are studied with complex mathematics, but they can be learned conceptually, which will be the basis of this gentle introduction. His 2002 Ph.D. used Geometric Algebra to represent quantum computing, which produced interesting predictions. Once these concepts are understood that the universe is fundamentally probabilistic and informational then they will help understand quantum weirdness. He will also talk about the role of observation and quantum measurement, related to his new book The take away from this talk is a better appreciation of the spectacular nature of how the universe is organized as hyper-dimensional collections of bits, qubits and ebits.

Bio: Dr. Matzke is a prolific scientist, researcher, and presenter in his areas of expertise about limits of computation, hyper-dimensional mathematics, neuro-computing, quantum computing, real intelligence, and protophysics. During his 45-year career, he was chairman of two PhysComp ’92/’94 workshops, contributed to fifteen disclosed patents with eight granted, has published more than fifty papers and presentations, and earned a PhD in Quantum Computing. Doug has adopted the moniker of “Quantum Doug” because he combines these deep-reality subjects as the source science beneath his quantum model of real intelligence.